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HOUSE MATCHA - Hosoi San's 100% Okumidori - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR
HOUSE MATCHA - Hosoi San's 100% Okumidori - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR

HOUSE MATCHA - Hosoi San's 100% Okumidori


  • Milling Date:  May 26, 2021.   

    This is easily one of the best batches that we've ever micro-milled in house.  With a glowing green emerald colour, minimum astringency and rich umami, a few packs of this tea are already in the hands of friends and family for weekend drinking.

    We micro milled this beautiful tencha keeping the temperature of our mill's cooling system at 0°C (re-filling it with ice).  We are incredibly happy with the depth and umami of this tea.



    Cultivar:  okumidori

    Origin:  Wazuka (Kyoto), Japan

    Grower:  Hosoi Kenta.  His family began farming tea in the Meiji Era, in Wazuka (one of the most traditional tea growing regions in Kyoto).  He only started farming tea for tencha 10 years ago; his favourite cultivar for this purpose is okumidori.  Hosoi San's main passion is farming; he believes (and we couldn't agree more) that healthy earth and plants are the basis for mind-blowing tea.  


    About our House Mill:

    In 2018, after visiting several Japanese matcha mill producers, we purchased our first grinder.  The objective was to micro-mill hojicha and a variety of tisanes (like dok anchan, for our Blue Matcha).

    After playing with the machine and falling in love with freshly milled matcha, we decided to splurge on a second machine, located at our tea bar, to offer other matcha geeks some of the freshest tea possible.  We select a rotating assortment of tencha from some of our favourite growers (preserved frozen, in airtight containers).  Geoff and Baily micro-mill small batches every week or two, experimenting with different grinding variables, to offer a delicious tea for every day enjoyment.





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    MON - SUN 12:00PM - 7:00PM


    2208 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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