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Daily Tea Ceremony - Subscription - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR
Daily Tea Ceremony - Subscription - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR

Daily Tea Ceremony - Subscription


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    Boiling water and whisking a bowl of matcha (抹茶) is a beautiful way to start every day; whether you enjoy a meditative chawan of rich koicha or an easy sipping 'americano style' cup of tea, we'll curate a monthly parcel that will will make you happy. 

    Since matcha is best when it's freshly milled, we recommend purchasing only the amount of tea that you expect to consume within a month; the following month... we'll get you something new, fresh and delicious.

     With your subscription, you get:

    • Fresh matcha,  curated monthly by Geoff and Bailey.  You may choose how many packs of tea are right for your monthly consumption.  We will provide a card with detailed information about your tea and why we think you'll love it. 
    • Preferential price and free shipping within Canada and the US.
    • Membership benefits, including a 20% discount coupon (issued every three months), that can be used on any loose leaf tea purchase.

    You may cancel any time or call us to update the settings of your subscription. 

    Subscriptions ship on the 15th of each month.

    Depending on your tea preferences, you may choose:

    1) The Cafe Experience:  if you enjoy your matcha with a splash of almond milk, americano style (a double shot of matcha + 150ml of water) or on sparkling water, this tea is ideal.  We also use this matcha for our affogato and our tonic.

    2) Daily Tea Ceremony:   this is a selection of smooth teas that offer a balance of bitterness, sweetness and floral notes - making this matcha ideal for a traditional bowl, every morning.  Some of these teas will come from producers whose families have been in the business over a few hundred years.  Examples:  Yoshida San's 雲龍 (single cultivar Uji Hikari) and Konomi San's usucha.

    3) Competition Grade & Heritage Matcha:   a selection of mind-blowing tea, designed for koicha; complex, loaded with umami, a complete mind opener.  Examples:  Tsuji San's award winning Asahi and Yoshida San's 弦龍.


  • Tea Bar Hours

    MON - SUN 12:00PM - 6:00PM


    2208 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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    For inquiries or feedbacks regarding events, please email info@o5tea.com. 

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