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TEA SCHOOL | About Yellow Mountain 黃山

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Huang Shan (黄山), literally translated as Yellow Mountain, is often referred to as the most famous and culturally important mountain range in China. According to legend, it is in this mountain that Shen Nong (yup… the guy who ‘discovered’ tea) ascended to heaven from 黄山. It is, nowadays, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a most important origin for tea.

Heavily influenced by Confucianism, Chinese scholars often produce lists: the top 10 mountains, the best water for tea, and (of course) the most important teas in China. I haven’t seen a single one of those lists that does not feature Huang Shan among the mountains and Mao Feng among the teas.

Mao Feng is a pan-fired green tea, quite different from the steamed teas that are popular in Japan.  After firing, the tea is very lightly rolled and dried. Because of this, as you brew the tea, the leaves will open and strongly resemble freshly picked, LIVE leaves.



We're thrilled to share these delicious leaves that were on tea trees just two weeks before they landed in Vancouver and we published this newsletter!

It feels like daydreaming in the bamboo groves of Anhui, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Expect notes of fresh greens, flowers, and freshly cooked bamboo shoots, along with a delightfully sweet aftertaste.

2021 pre-Qing Ming, March 30 & 31. 
Originally, we expected the harvest on March 25, but a spell of cold weather and rain delayed the tea buds a few days.

Micro Region:  
Liu Kou Zhen, Huang Shan, Anhui.

Heirloom Huang Shan Da Ye.

Brewing Suggestions:
We highly recommend enjoying this tea as most people do north of the Yangtze River, with the technique often called 'grandpa style'. 
  • Add 50ml of water at 75ºC to 4g of tea leaves.  
  • Swirl gently, allowing the leaves to hydrate over 45" - 60". This is a very good moment to appreciate the aroma of the leaves.
  • Add another 150ml of water, also at 75ºC.  Patiently wait for another 60" - 90" and sip.
  • After drinking ~70% of your glass, refill the cup with water at 85ºC - 90ºC.
You may enjoy chewing on a few tea leaves as you sip!

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