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MATCHA SHOT | Daily Ceremony
MATCHA SHOT | Daily Ceremony

MATCHA SHOT | Daily Ceremony


  • Your choice of a single or double-shot using this month's 'Daily Ceremony' matcha subscription offering. 

    We highly recommend drinking this straight, but, if needed, a splash of oat milk may be added. 



    Tea:  This is our first seasonal launch of a blended matcha by Tsuji San. A very well balanced blend of Samidori (さみどり) and Yabukita cultivars, this is a full-bodied matcha with rich umami and a sweet finish. Known for mind-blowing (yet quite pricey tea), Tsuji San designed this matcha as an everyday treat that can reach a wider audience.

    Samidori (さみどり) is an unregistered cultivar, originally from the Uji region, that is very popular for shade grown tea (like matcha and gyokuro).
    Yabukita (やぶきた) is THE most popular cultivar in Japan, used for tea grown both under full sunshine and under shade.  

    Producer:  Tsuji Kiyoharu is a legend; a fifth-generation tea grower, he is the only living matcha farmer to have received awards from the Emperor (3 times!). He has also earned multiple medals from the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. Tsuji Sensei started his quest for insane umami when he was only 20 years old; having asked some of the best know tea experts for advice, he invariable received the answer:  ’start by learning in the fields’.  And so he did; acknowledging that tea fields are a universe of ever-changing variables, Tsuji San has learned to ‘listen’ to his tea trees every single year. Organic fertilizer, shade, harvesting times and tea making techniques are adjusted accordingly. We can guarantee that every lot of tea from Tsuji San will be unique.
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