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House of Funk Coffee | Two to Mango House of Funk Coffee | Two to Mango
House of Funk Coffee | Two to Mango House of Funk Coffee | Two to Mango

House of Funk Coffee | Two to Mango


  • 250g Can (whole bean)

    Reminds us of: a mango boba tea.


    Our good friends from House of Funk brew delicious beer and mouth watering coffee in North Vancouver.  Our teams often geek out together about all kinds of drinks. 

    If you'd like to add some awesome coffee to your tea order, please check these out!


    — Two to Mango —

    Negusse Weldyes, the owner of Danche washing station and SNAP coffee, pays a premium in order to curate the best cherries from the local farms. This is only the second season of harvest for the Danche washing station, and it's tasting like they have been doing this for years!

    A portion of Danche washing station profits will be used to build a clinic in the area to elevate the local healthcare standards.

    Producer: 500 Smallholder farms (Danche washing station)
    Importer: Apex Coffee Imports
    Varietals: Welisho, Kurume
    Elevation: 2000 - 2300m
    Process: Natural Fermentation


    House of Funk Roasting Co.

    In the roastery, we're continually developing funky flavour profiles by tailoring our degree of roast to highlight the nuances of every origin.

     It is important to us that we only procure traceable green from farms that align with our own values of sustainability and community. We want to help grow the economies for the people of the regions which are less developed.

    We strive to push people's palates beyond what they expect from coffee. Acidity is not a crime.



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    2208 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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