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2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom)
2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom) 2020 - ZISUN (heirloom)

2020 - ZISUN (heirloom)


  • This tea is farmed organically in a beautiful valley between two forested mountains.  The heirloom cultivar was reportedly used by Lu Yu (陸羽), China's celebrated 'Tea Sage' since the Tang Dynasty.

    Zhang Wen Hua's tea brings smiles to the O5 team every year.  This batch of Zisun is no different.  In a warm gaiwan, the dry leaves yield a beautiful aroma of celery with hints of lime peel.  The brew is naturally sweet, with the texture of soybean.  After drinking your tea and allowing your cup to dry, a beautiful aroma of apple remains.

    TYPE Green Tea
    ORIGIN Changxing, Zhejiang, China
    GPS 31ºN 119.8ºE
    TASTING NOTES Celery, hints of lime... and apple in your cup
    Zhang Wenhua

    Brewing Guide

    WATER 75℃ | 120 ml
    TEA 3g
    STEEP STYLE 90 seconds | multiple steeps
    EQUIPMENT Gaiwan


    Zhang Wen Hua has been a generous friend and teacher over 11 years.  The lady has a wealth of information about tea, both modern and ancient.

    The heirloom cultivar Zisun cultivar tea trees on her property are 70-80 years old. Most of the leaves she harvests are handcrafted into loose leaf green or black teas but a very small amount is converted into Tang Dynasty style 'coins'. 


    The bamboo forest near Lily's tea fields

    Temple in the mountains

    Grower on the map

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    MON - SUN 12:00PM - 7:00PM


    2208 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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