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2020 -Mimi's Guizhou Green Tea 2020 -Mimi's Guizhou Green Tea
2020 -Mimi's Guizhou Green Tea 2020 -Mimi's Guizhou Green Tea

2020 -Mimi's Guizhou Green Tea


  • In our opinion, Guizhou is one of the most under-appreciated tea growing regions in China.  At the edge of the Tibetan plateau, its rich soil yields delicious, very distinct tea.

    Our good friend Mimi Chiu (who spent many of her school years in Vancouver), has spent the last couple of years helping this tea garden (in Suiyang Town) to reach more tea drinkers in North America.  According to her, the very rich flavour of this tea is driven by the soil's high content of Zinc and Selenium. 

    The tea is harvested only once per year, before Qing Ming.  The tea artisans learned their skills from Anhui tea makers, so the technique resembles that of Mao Feng; however, the cultivar (Xiao Ye Fuding | 小叶福鼎) is imported from Fujian.  


    Tasting experience:  green herbs and chestnut.

    Cool fact:  since Mimi came to Vancouver two years ago and gifted some of this tea to Geoff, the tea became one of his Dad's go to favourites.


    TYPE Green Tea
    ORIGIN Suiyang, Guizhou, China
    HARVEST Pre Qing Ming
    TASTING NOTES Celery, hints of lime... and apple in your cup

    Brewing Guide

    WATER 80℃ | 120 ml
    TEA 3g
    STEEP STYLE 60 seconds | multiple steeps
    EQUIPMENT Gaiwan

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