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TSUJI S29 MATCHA | samidori + yabukita - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR TSUJI S29 MATCHA | samidori + yabukita - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR
TSUJI S29 MATCHA | samidori + yabukita - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR TSUJI S29 MATCHA | samidori + yabukita - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR



  • As the first blossoms come out in Vancouver, we are thrilled to share three freshly milled teas from living legend Tsuji Kiyoharu will be at our tea bar, this Monday March 7.  

    The tencha has now had a few months to mature, expressing mellower notes that are ideal for our late winter, brisk mornings.

    Try a bowl of this tea as sakura blossoms grace the PNW!


    Tsuji San combined Samidori (さみどり) and Yabukita (やぶきた) cultivars;  Samidori provides the body and structure, while Yabukita is in charge of accents.


    Experience:  imagine eating white chocolate while walking amid young Douglas fir trees.   The nose of this tea is vibrant, reminiscent of the chlorophyl and lemony notes of fir tips in spring; the finish is silky and sweet.

    As with all tea from Tsuji San, the texture is spectacular.



    - Samidori (さみどり) is an unregistered cultivar, originally from the Uji region, that is very popular for shade grown tea (like matcha and gyokuro).

    - Yabukita (やぶきた) is THE most popular cultivar in Japan, used for tea grown both under full sunshine and under shade.  


    Micro-Region:  Uji Shirakawa, Kyoto, Japan

    Tencha Harvest:  early May, 2021

    Tasting Notes:  fir tips, white chocolate




    About the Grower: 

    Tsuji Kiyoharu is a legend; a fifth generation tea grower, he is the only living matcha farmer to have received awards from the Emperor (3 times!).  He has also earned multiple medals from Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.  Tsuji Sensei started his quest of insane umami when he was only 20 years old; having asked some of the best know tea experts for advice, he invariable received the answer:  ’start by learning in the fields’.  And so he did; acknowledging that tea fields are a universe of ever-changing variables, Tsuji San has learned to ‘listen’ to his tea trees every single year.  Organic fertilizer, shade, harvesting times and tea making techniques are adjusted accordingly.  We can guarantee that every lot of tea from Tsuji San will be unique.



    This tea is sold in 20g re-fill packs, freshly milled and packed by Yoshida San at origin.  If you wish to add a Japanese airtight (collectible, re-usable) tin, please do so here.


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