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PROTOTYPE COFFEE | Ayla (Natural Anaerobic), Ethiopia - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR
PROTOTYPE COFFEE | Ayla (Natural Anaerobic), Ethiopia - O-FIVE RARE TEA BAR

PROTOTYPE COFFEE | Ayla (Natural Anaerobic), Ethiopia


  • 125g tin (whole bean)

    PROTOTYPE, in Vancouver, is one of the coolest concepts to pop out in recent years.  With a handful of 'prototype roasters' (used for test batches by larger companies), Prototype offers a variety of true 'micro-lots' of coffee.



    Ayla (Natural Anaerobic), Ethiopia

    It’s not very often you come across an Ethiopian coffee that has undergone an experimental fermentation process, but Faysel Abdosh is all about pushing the boundaries at his washing station Ayla Bombe in Sidama. This particular lot is a selection of a single coffee variety called Kurume grown in the area surrounding Ayla Bombe. After harvest, the cherries undergo an anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen) for 6 days to break down the fruit and begin the germination process inside the cherry. Then the cherries are placed on raised beds to slowly dry over a period of 21 days. The result is an incredibly complex, rich, and elegant cup showcasing notes of juicy ripe fruits and vibrant florals. This coffee was entered into last year’s Cup of Excellence competition in Ethiopia, and did very well, placing 12th. In a competition like this, anything that is entered is probably going to be amazing, and anything that shows up on the ranks is going to be something really special.

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