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GRANADA, DE NADA | Reminds us of: a splash of granada liqueur
GRANADA, DE NADA | Reminds us of: a splash of granada liqueur

GRANADA, DE NADA | Reminds us of: a splash of granada liqueur


  • 250g Can (whole bean)

    When it comes to amazing coffee green, Mexico is a bit of a newcomer on the world stage. There is so much that goes into producing quality coffee, and it takes time to develop and fine-tune these processes. Camilo Merizalde has been on a 20+ year journey to produce this coffee, he has brought the most advanced farming and post-harvest processing techniques from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil to Mexico.

    This coffee was first rinsed, dried, and then barrel aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels at origin, in a new process called Barrel Aromatic Modulation. After aging they go through a more traditional drying process on raised beds. The result is a very complex and funky coffee which reminds us of Granada liqueur.

    Country: Mexico
    Region: Ixhuatlan del Café, Veracruz
    Producer: Santuario Process Center
    Importer: Root 86
    Varietals: Bourbon
    Elevation:  1450 - 1500m
    Process: Barrel aromatic modulation
    Reminds us of: pomegranate liqueur




    Our good friends from House of Funk brew delicious beer and mouth watering coffee in North Vancouver.  Our teams often geek out together about all kinds of drinks. 

    If you'd like to add some awesome coffee to your tea order, please check these out!


    House of Funk Roasting Co.

    In the roastery, we're continually developing funky flavour profiles by tailoring our degree of roast to highlight the nuances of every origin.

     It is important to us that we only procure traceable green from farms that align with our own values of sustainability and community. We want to help grow the economies for the people of the regions which are less developed.

    We strive to push people's palates beyond what they expect from coffee. Acidity is not a crime.



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