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Train Martial Arts at Home | Drink Delicious Tea

Posted by Pedro Villalon on

There is a deep philosophical connection between the study of tea and martial arts (or strategy).  In upcoming newsletters we will explore some interesting topics through the eyes of some good friends who follow the martial path… and drink tea.

We are proud to partner with the Budo Brothers (budobrothers.com).  They are involved in some rad projects, including the Budo Youth Fund, a non-profit entity that helps kids develop through martial arts.  Budo Brothers also have some TOP NOTCH digital seminars.

If you purchase a seminar with the links below, you will ALSO receive an email with a 100% discount coupon on an 80g pack of Chiran Shincha ($27 value).  Important:  you must use the link, so that BB can track it back to O5 (and your tea).

So for US$67 you get many hours of training AND some delicious tea to drink afterwards.


1) Jiu-Jitsu Deep Dive


2) Martial Arts for Everyone



3) Pakamut



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