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About Osada San's 2021 Sakura Shincha

Posted by Pedro Villalon on

A celebration of Spring, by an artist with a most educated nose.

Nothing represents Shizuoka like fresh, ultra-vibrant (oftentimes deep steamed) green tea, cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji. In times of peace and turmoil, they are constant reminders of the beautiful things in life.

On top of being a talented tea grower, Osada San has one of the most educated noses we have ever encountered. He is a multiple award winner at Japan's National Tea Tasting Competition. He is also ranked as an '8th Dan' Tea Taster.

In this most unusual spring, Osada San designed two sakura shincha for O5. He chose two lots (one yabukita, one koshun) that represent the soil of Shizuoka, and enhanced them with locally sourced sakura leaves and petals. The result is very different vs. tea that is scented with alcohol or oil-based flavours; both teas are fresh and vibrant, with elegant hints of cherry.

Sakura Shincha | Koshun

Expect the mellow, naturally floral mouthfeel of 'Shizuoka's gentle cultivar" and a delicate-yet-lingering aroma of sakura.


Sakura Shincha | Yabukita

Expect the intense chlorophyll and balanced astringency of Japan's most famous cultivar with a most enjoyable, subtle-yet-lingering aroma of sakura. 

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